Frequently Asked questions

A few of our most asked items to help you make your way through the process:

Does pricing include lasering    YES, all of our quoted and listed pricing includes lasered images per quote or as shown.

Do you have minimum quantities    NO, we are happy to do one item as custom as you want.      Design fees may apply on smaller orders however, where we typically absorb those fees on larger orders.

Do you ship free / How much is shipping    We do not ship free, we charge actual UPS or USPS shipping fees.      Most companies that ship free are adding an average of those fees into the items they sell and in most cases charging you more than it costs them in the end.     We prefer to be up-front about pricing and shipping.

What images can you laser?     We can work with just about anything however the best possible image you can send us, the better finished product we can offer you.       We prefer vector images in .eps, .cdr or .pdf format.     If you send us a raster image it needs to be the highest quality possible .jpg or similar.      We typically can not work off of a photograph of a logo or business card style logos. 

What information do you need    The most clear information you can give us will help your project move along quickly.      Also keep in mind that multiple design changes can result in added design fees!

Do you charge design fees    Typically no.....but.      If you provide artwork that is usable and a clear explanation of what you are after we typically do not.      If we design a logo or artwork from scratch for you we may charge a small design fee depending on the size of your order.

Can we get samples    For all custom work you will receive a digital sample showing what your project will look like (examples below).     




If you are looking for a physical quality and image sample we can provide you one at a discounted price plus shipping.     Keep in mind design fees may be involved for a physical sample which will be deducted from your first order.

Do you have a physical brick and mortar store to visit    No we do not for one reason....It's expensive and that translates to increased cost for you.     We operate out of a commercial building in an industrial park since 2003.     This allows us easy shipping and receiving which also saves you money.     Since we deal mostly with business's, commercial products and groups its better to save you money and use modern communication methods via E-mail or messaging through our Facebook page.

Skill and Experience...

We started business in 2002.      With more than 25 years of CAD, Graphic Design and CNC experience helps to make your ideas come to life.   We have a variety of Laser and CNC machines to make this happen.    We also can perform both raster and vector operations. The Epilog laser allows complete control of Speed, Power and Frequency during cutting to allow the best possible finish.


We use the 120 Watt Epilog laser for both cutting and engraving processes.  We use both laser machines for rotary lasering as well.   

We can engrave on most metals, anodized metals, wood, leather, glass and some ceramics. 

We use a Multicam 5000 series router for nested based cutting.  It has an impressive 60" x 120" cutting area with a full vacuum bed for holding materials without mechanical clamps.  It also has a 5 position tool changer and a 10HP liquid cooled router.

In addition we have a Multicam 3000 series router with a 48" x 96" cutting area.  This machine has mechanical clamping for complete freedom for cutting pre-sized parts and odd shaped items.  It also allows the freedom to use smaller tools as well as specialty tools for various operations.


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